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phil1301.020.31690 (first 6-week session)
phil1301.021.31691 (first 6-week session)
phil1301.025.30833 (11-week session)
phil1301.002.32121 (second 6-week session)

Introduction to Philosophy (phil1301)

This course is entirely web-based (internet access and email required). The entry point for the course is BlackBoard. (Click here for instructions on logging in.)

  • Course Description: Students will be introduced to various significant philosophical issues and thinkers and to the practice of philosophical analysis.
  • There are no prerequisites for Introduction to Philosophy. A passing score or the equivalent on the reading and writing portions of the assessment test is required.
  • My theme for this exploration of philosophy is "Knowledge and Reality." We will consider some of the major issues involved in metaphysics and epistemology, focusing on the ultimate nature of reality and the relation between reality and human knowledge.
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