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Attention Online students!

My online Philosophy courses for the Fall 16-week session are open for business! Log into Blackboard to access your course. The Orientation and other course documents are available in the Blackboard classroom.

Syllabi for my courses are available in the course schedule. Click "Syllabus" next to the course in which you are interested.

Note: I open the Blackboard classroom for my online courses no more than one week before the semester begins.

Honors Ethics: Sex and the City
Tentatively scheduled for Spring, 2015

This course introduces the major ethical theories of the Western tradition by applying them to issues in human sexuality. Various philosophical and literary texts, film, and works of art that deal with the ethical aspects of sex and sexuality will provide opportunities to learn and practice philosophical analysis.

For an overview of the course, see this prospectus and a draft of the syllabus. For a more detailed discussion of the philosophical motivation for the course, click here. You are welcome to email me if you have questions about the course. Note that enrollment is restricted. Please call the Honors Program at 223-6555 or visit the Honors website for enrollment information.


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